Champion Weightlifter Offers Strong Advice


Misha Fazlutdinov, Staff Writer

My friend Dmitry was only 15 when he earned first place in powerlifting in the national Ukrainian competition in the adult devision. He was the youngest champion and excelled in multiple events and sports including bodybuilding, wrestling, karate, and weightlifting.

Dmitry comes from Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine, which literally translated “city on stone” because it is located on top of a stone hill. He practiced athletics since the age of four, making progress in gymnastics, ballroom dancing, karate, bodybuilding, fitness and mixed martial arts.

“Since I remember it, I was always athletic, and my parents got me in a gymnastics school when I was four or five, and every day since then it was always exercise,” recalls Dmitry.

I have known Dmitry for a while now, since I was seven. But I got close to him after he became my coach and started training me in weightlifting, wrestling, and martial arts. Over the years, his expertise in fitness has been helpful for me.

The perspective he offers about health in this article is based on his personal experience. If inspired by his ideas, you should talk with your doctor or coach.

Q: If a person wants to get in shape and build mass, where would they start?

A: If you have a goal to build mass, you have to go through with it. The most important thing, of course, is exercise, and good, balanced diet. If you wish to build mass, more intense practices are needed later on. But in my opinion, if you want to do this seriously, you need to combine gym with something else, like martial arts for example.

Q: What are the best and the most useful dietary supplements?

A: Dietary supplements should be used at least four months after beginning practice. It doesn’t matter what the sport or the goal is – your organism needs to get used to doing something without any supplements. Some people need different supplements, some need different medicaments. If you want to gain mass, you can drink Gainer, which execrates metabolism and build mass. Protein, of course, to gain mass. Every person’s organism is different, however, and reacts differently to different supplements. I knew two twins who were four minutes apart in age and they actually had different exercise programs and different supplements because they all affected them differently.

Q: How important is a person’s diet and how does it affect their performance?

A: If a person wishes to gain mass, their diet must include more carbohydrates and fats. About 30% of their ration should be fats, 50% carbohydrates, and 20% protein. Again, it is different for every person – this does not work for everyone as people can get fat, or not gain mass quick;y enough. But greens are the most important part, as they increase metabolism and help you gain mass. If you are eating 200 grams of meats such as chicken, beef, or fish, you should consume about 400 grams of greens. Fish fat is one of the most important things. It is recommended that you take in all the items in before two o’clock, or right after your practice (about half an hour after drinking supplements like gainer or protein).

Q: How quickly should people start increasing their weights that they train with?

A: If you are practicing intensely, you should increase it with every training cycle. If you are training a certain muscle group, you need to change weights so that the progress doesn’t stop. It all depends on the person’s body. Beginners change their cycle more often as they increase their whole body. Later on, if a person is training a specific muscle group, the training cycle will take longer. But generally training cycles change about every week.

Q: What is the most important thing in training?

A: The most important thing is sleep, which is 50% of your performance – if you do not sleep, your body does not regenerate. 30% is diet, for energy and for other reasons – for losing weight and for gaining mass there are different diet programs. And 20% is the exercise – if you want your body to regenerate and become stronger you need to exercise it in the first place in the gym.