The Swim Team Dives into Competition

Photo credit: Anne Keen

Photo credit: Anne Keen

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It is an ODA kid swim meet athlete going as fast as a shark.

At ODA, football and volleyball are part of the fall student culture as many hang out at games and support their teams. But not all fall athletes enjoy the same fame.

The ODA Swim team is one of the fall sports that has been neglected. The team won the first match, and has had very close matches for the other meets.

Despite this success, there isn’t a tailgate surrounding the meet, or a movie night after, just a plain and simple meet and an announcement at Morning Assembly.

The team is young and has a strong potential for growth.

“I think our swim team is great. Although we don’t have many senior on the team, the underclassmen are doing very well in carrying our team to success. Reece Whatmore is an amazing swimmer and she is in 7th grade. She is one of our best swimmers on the team,” says Myra Singh

Not only is the team young, they compete against very difficult schools, such as Riverview or Venice, which some other ODA sports don’t even play. Competing against such large institutions occurs because there are not a lot of swim teams from schools of the same size as ODA. This fact means that overall the competition can be more challenging than  in other sports.

“I think we did well as a team against top-tier swim schools like Riverview and Venice. I don’t think we scored as well as we have in past meets (we swam against fast teams), but I think it was one of the more enjoyable meets of the season. It was all relays, so I felt more of a connection to my team,” says Charles Hayes, junior.

While some may think that taking a swim is hardly challenging, the sport requires a fast and competitive edge.

“It [competition at a recent meet] was hard to breathe, the water was excruciating and exhilaratingly cold. Muscle soreness was a constant friend,” says Nam Hoang, senior.

Swimming is different from some other sports, because fans can focus on cheering for specific athletes as they compete in a variety of races.

“So it was really fun to go watch as a fan because you got to individually cheer on the individual swimmers, and it was my first swim meet that I went to. I found it fascinating with all the different strokes and how fast everyone was. It was definitely worth the long drive. I also thought it was cool because unlike other team sports, you can watch the individual athlete and cheer them on instead of the team in total. I would recommend going to a swim meet for sure,” says Carling Landeche, junior.

Come out and support the swim team. They yearn for fans to cheer them on. You won’t regret it. The next meet is Thursday, 09/24/15 at 5:00 at Bardmoor Tennis and Golf Club. Be there or be square!