Thunder Looks for Revenge


Baseball is killing it! The team’s pitching and hitting is known to be excellent. In fact, this week, the number-one seeded ODA won 4-0 against Saint Stephens for their first district playoff game. This game leads to an opportunity to win the District Championship game for the Thunder, a title that slipped through their fingers last year.

This recent win will take players to a big district championship game when the ODA Thunder will face their biggest rival, the Cardinal Mooney Cougars. The game will be Friday, April 24 at 7 p.m. at ODA’s Taylor Emmons Field.

This game will be a big game for the Thunder as they look for revenge from last year when the Cougars took the district championship trophy away from them because of the Cougar’s outstanding pitching performance.

This year, the Thunder is going into the game as the number one seed in the District championship and the Cougars are going as a number two seed. The Cougars recently beat Bradenton Christian to get into the Championship game, 7-5.

“I am really looking forward to this game,” said sophomore Owen Ragsdale.

“I can’t wait to play our biggest rival. It should be a good game,” said junior Parke Phillips.

The Thunder are ready to rumble the field, in hopes that they will walk away with the title of District Champions.