Spring Football Spirals onto the Field


Spring football is almost here! If any 8-12th graders are interested in playing this year, he should go the first official spring football practice on Monday April 27, 2015.

Spring training is three weeks of practice and one real game.  This year’s game is against Northside Christian at their field.

What is the purpose of this early season?

Spring is to get you ready for the fall season. During spring you work on drills, technique, and plays.

Fall is when the regular season starts and the team has a shot to go to playoffs. This coming fall, Thunder football has a lot of veterans coming back. This year will be a good year to come out and watch some good football in action.

“Since this is my first time playing football, I’m really looking forward too playing,” says junior Dylan Goes.

“I am so pumped for spring,” says sophomore, Chris Robinson.

If you have any questions about spring football please email Coach Timmons at [email protected]