The Guessing Gods Goad Guessers

The Guessing Gods Goad Guessers

Its March Madness nationally and at ODA. According to sophomore Jake Flanders, in this competitive selection process in college basketball, the NCAA picks 68 of the best college teams to compete against each other in regional brackets. The agency ranks the teams 1-16 in each regional bracket. These teams then compete against each other.

They play rounds in each region until there are four teams remaining, one winner from each region. The final four play in the semifinals. The winners of the semifinal rounds play in the national championship. Making lists of predictions in each bracket is a favorite pastime of many, including students at ODA.

When walking around the corridors of school, it’s almost impossible not to overhear at least one conversation about which favored team is going to win the next game. Although most of this basketball talk is being discussed among the males of ODA who are convinced they know who is going to come out on top, the current winner is a female student.

Hailey Schlotthauer, a sophomore at ODA, holds the top spot in our school’s bracket challenge. Currently against around 96 other students, Hailey has managed to predict the winner of about 46 games in her bracket. Although listed number one in the school, Hailey is not alone, a senior, Christian Nold has also predicted the outcome of 46 games correctly. Another sophomore rises to the challenge as Mac Ordetx currently holds the third place slot.

With time running out in the March Madness season, many students and people all over the country are biting at the bit to see what team is crowned champion. Will it be Wisconsin who is picked by both Schlotthauer and Ordetx? Or will it be Kentucky, the most popular pick and the pick of Christian Nold?

Only time will tell and may the best team win!