Running in the Rain


Track season is in full swing, and so is rainy weather which creates the question: to run in the rain or not to run in the rain? The last track meet, Tuesday February 17, was at ODA but was called off halfway through due to torrential rain. Dedicated track runners and the head coach definitely had some opinions on running in storms.

“There is no point of running in torrential rain. Athletes are going to get hurt and won’t be able to compete in the races that actually count,” says sophomore Chloe Ruppert, a long distance track runner.

But what are the rules about bad weather and athletics?

Dan Wilson, ODA Track and Field Head Coach says, “Florida law says that track meets can be held in the rain. Though if it thunders and lightnings the meet must be immediately called off. So to sum it all up the meets go on with rain or shine.”

Yet this week’s meet was called off halfway through when there was no thunder or lightning.

“It is only pre-season and I have to agree with some of the runners; it was miserable out there. The other teams’ coaches and I called it off because we did not want our runners to get injured before the actual season takes place,” says Coach Wilson.
The opinions from the coach and the teammates were very similar. The final consensus was that even though running in the rain is not the best experience, it’s not against the rules.

The runners must overcome their discomforts.