ODA Overflowing with Athletic Talent


Image taken from Rachel Silverman’s instagram page. Follow her @rach00silverman

Have you have ever noticed that several members of our student body disappear after school? While some students admittedly go home and binge watch Netflix, others work hard several hours a week perfecting what they love.

While many students find that love in the context of an ODA team, many others spend time away from school with their sports.

Savannah Alario (Sophomore)
Savannah started rowing when she was 12 years old. She currently rows at Sarasota Crew, and practices everyday for three hours. She has races or “regattas” pretty much every weekend.

“I love the competition. I’ve met a lot of people through it. It’s a lot of fun, and I really stay fit,” says Savannah.

Her biggest accomplishment was when she won states in 2014.

Greta Holland (Sophomore)

Greta started volleyball when she was 12. She currently plays at Coastline Volleyball Club. She has practice for club two to three times a week and then plays tournaments on weekends. Some big tournaments she competes in are Big South in Atlanta or Nationals (location changes every year). She looks forward to going to Philadelphia in a few weeks with her team.

Her favorite thing about club volleyball is meeting all of some of her closest friends and being able to joke around with them at practice.

Hailey Schlotthauer (Sophomore)

Hailey started club volleyball her freshmen year but has been playing at ODA since seventh grade. She plays at a club called Boomtown. Club practice is twice a week for three hours.

“The biggest tournament I played in was over the summer. It was the national qualifiers. There were thousands of teams there, and we ended up winning in our pool,” says Hailey.

“I love volleyball and it’s the best feeling in the world playing with my friends!”

Owen Ragsdale (Sophomore)

Owen started playing baseball when he was four. He currently plays for the Florida Burn; this year will be his second summer on the team. He trains everyday and has made two all tournament teams in East Cobb and Fort Myers.

Rachel Silverman (Freshman)

You might have seen her on her popular Instagram page that is dedicated to her dancing (click here to see page). The page is just short of seven thousand followers! Rachel is an adroit dancer at the Sarasota Ballet. She started dancing when she was five, and currently trains six-seven times a week for an average of four hours a day. Her favorite thing about dance is performing. Her best accomplishment was winning first place at Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP), a dance competition.

“Her dedication to dance is astounding, and also a major part of her life,” says Rachel’s brother, sophomore Josh Silverman.

Nicole Vitiello (Sophomore)

Nicole started competitive gymnastics when she was eight, but has been doing recreational gymnastics since the age of four. She practices eighteen hours a week, five days a week.

“I competed in a regional competition had eight states competing in it in level seven last year, and I won second place. Every year I compete in States,” she recalled.

Her favorite things about gymnastics are the new skills to learn and the amazing feeling she gets when she conquers a fear.


Next time you see these individuals, ask them about their sports. You will be as intrigued as I was.