Sasha Brun: A Girl Racing Towards Fame


Over the summer, Out-of-Door Academy sophomore Sasha Brun was interviewed for a TV show on cable station Tru TV. The show would be dubbed Kart Life, a show profiling young go kart racers. Sasha drew interest not only because of her impressive performance but also because she is one of the only girls racing. Sasha’s experience and first-class racing abilities, her day-to-day life, and her unique, sassy, and funny personality are profiled on the show.

Having started from a young age, Sasha has accumulated great skill and passion for the sport. Sasha’s time on the track started when she was seven.

“My dad came home with a medal from a local kart track and I wanted a medal so I asked to start and we did,” Sasha simply stated.

Sasha’s drive for success is seen in her driving style and her personality.

“She’s wild and fierce. She could take on any guy at the race track due to her aggressive attitude and passion to win,” says fellow student and close friend, sophomore Emma Young.

Emma appeared on the show with Sasha over the summer, where they discussed life in Sarasota and high school.

“Being on the show was surreal, when they filmed us at the beach we had a massive crowd of people around us, just dumbfounded by all the cameras. It was a great experience but also scary because everyone is watching and listening to your every word,” recalls Emma.

Sasha balances two lives one being the one we are more familiar with at school and the other being her life at the track. At the track she in respected and well known as one of the most experienced drivers.

Olivier Bellanger a fellow sophomore and skilled racer, has been racing with Sasha for a long time and gives ample respect to his fellow racer.

“Even though Sasha is an uncommon case of a female racer, I treat her with the same respect as everyone else on the race track,” states Olivier.

Sasha’s experience in racing has taken her all over the country, she has traveled to as far west as Vegas and Wisconsin to the Carolinas on the East Coast and Pennsylvania and Indiana. This unique situation has taught her life skills and exposed her to new situations.

“It’s pretty cool. I mean, it’s allowed me to see different places and after awhile you become used to traveling so like you learn how to smart pack and how to live in a hotel room,” says Sasha.

Sasha is unsure what her future in racing holds but is happy to what it has exposed her to and looks to see where it takes her.

“It’s very hard to race professionally in any form of racing, so I’m gonna keep pursuing it and see where it goes.”

You can catch Kart Life on Tru TV every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m.