Thunder Ready to Rain on the Falcons


Have you ever had the desire to do something you’ve never done before? If you need to relate to anyone with the same desire, talk to one of the Women’s Varsity soccer players who are determined to beat St. Stephens for the first time.

The Women’s Varsity Soccer team played in the first round of the district tournament against the Bradenton Christian Panthers, Tuesday night at Sarasota Christian.

At the end of the first half, 7th grade starter, Natalie Gorgi, scored the first and only goal for the Lady Thunder.

“It made me really happy. I think I worked with Kimmy really well.”

Towards the end of the game, the intensity on the field was rising. The ball was passed between the Panthers and the Thunder. The Lady Panthers came very close to scoring, but the Thunder defense was able to stand their ground.

“It was really nerve wracking,” freshman, Abby Lagasse says.

The final score of the game was 1-0, allowing the Lady Thunder to move on to play in the district championship game at 7:00 pm tonight at Sarasota Christian. Along with the win, the team is also qualified to play in the regional tournament which takes place at a later date.

The team looks forward to fighting for victory.

“I think we are better than them. We should win because we’ve worked really hard this season,” freshman, Tori Onufrak says.

Abby Lagasse also says, “Since we tied them I think it shows we can win.”

In all of Out-of-Door’s Women’s Varsity Soccer history, they have never defeated St. Stephens. This season, the ODA lost 1-0 and then tied the Lady Falcons 1-1. The Lady Thunder is ready to play their ‘A’ game.

Do not miss the excitement tonight under the lights at 7:00 pm at Sarasota Christian, and if you can’t make it, wish the team luck! Go Thunder!