Thunder Soccer Kicks Their Competition


Since when does an independent 3A school compete against a large 6A public school? Typically schools stay within a few numbers in their division. So it may come as some surprise to learn that this past Wednesday, the men’s varsity soccer team played Sarasota High, a school in the 6A class…and won!

Out-of-Door took the win with a total score of 4-3. The Sailors took the lead in the first half and were up 2 goals until Tyler Wenger was assisted by Jimmy Kuebler and scored the first goal of the game for the Thunder. Just before the end of the first half, Jimmy Kuebler scored another goal with an assist from Mark Sulimirski which tied the game.

Agustin Gualtieri scored his first goal of the season giving thunder the lead into the first half. Shortly after, the sailors scored, tying up the game yet again. In the last few minutes of the game, Francisco Marcano-Santos scored the winning goal of the game.

Another exciting game was on Thursday night when the Lady Thunder soccer team played Bradenton Christian in a district game at home.

The first goal of the game was an own goal made by the other team, but the shot was placed by senior #2 Kimmy Comito.

Following the first goal, the BCS panthers scored their first goal tying the game 1-1.

“Last game we lost to them, but going into this game, we had a positive mind set and knew that we could beat BCS.”

Ending the first half, Freshman, Chloe Flanders scored a second goal for the team putting the Thunder in the lead.

To open the second half, Natalie Gorgi, an eighth grader, scored a third goal for the Lady Thunder. She, along with Kayla Damon, another eighth grader, were asked to play up on the Varsity Team. They both play for the ODA Middle School team. Following Natalie’s goal were two more goals scored by Katie Lang and Abby Lagasse, leaving the final score 5-1.

“When we played them the first time, we tied them 2-2 so this was an awesome win for us,” Says Senior Captain Kimmy Comito

Winning this game was crucial for the Lady Thunder because it was a district game. On Friday December 5, the Lady Thunder will face the St. Stephen’s Falcons at 5:00 pm at their field. If Thunder is victorious in this game, they will be ranked number one in the district.

Be sure to wish them luck. Go Thunder!