Get Ready for Some Cougar Meat

Get Ready for Some Cougar Meat

Are you ready to eat some cougar meat?! On Friday Night in the Thunderdome the Women’s Varsity Basketball team hopes to pull out a win against Out-of-Door’s all time rival, the Cardinal Mooney Cougars.

“We’ve beat them before so I’m confident that we will beat them again” says junior, Lisa Hoffman. “We’ve been working really hard and have had a lot of progression throughout the season.”

As of right now the team has a record of 10-4 and 6-1 in the district. Jenna Bloch, also a junior, says, “With having such a young team, I’m surprised at how well we’re doing.”

Currently the team is tied in their district with Cardinal Mooney. If they win their game on Friday, they will be the number one team in the district. All of the girls on the team express the big help it is to have lots of fans in the stands cheering them on.

So, Friday night, in your Thunderdome, come out and support your Women’s Varsity Basketball team and cheer them on while they eat some Cougar meat!