Hoop, There it is!

They needed a win! They needed to prove themselves! They needed to show what the Thunder was all about!

ODA Thunder Boys basketball, looking for their first district win, played the Bradenton Christians Panthers last Thursday December 5th. With an 0-4 record, the Thunder needed to push through and achieve their first win not only in the district but of the season.

In the first half, the Panthers out played the Thunder with a score of 33-12. The Thunder needed to change up their game plan in the second half if they even wanted to have a chance of winning.

Coming out fired up, as needed, the Thunder powered through the second half. They out played the Panthers outscoring them 37-33, but sadly still finished with a loss. The final score was 66-49.

Amad Brayboy, freshman, scored 26 of the Thunders 49 points. “I was just trying to make plays and get my team back in the game. I really wanted us to win, but sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. We need to come out more fired up next game like we did in the second half“ said Amad.

Nick Grano, Junior, who scored 13 of the Thunders points, agreed with Amad. “We really need to step it up and come out with more energy. We need the taste of victory,” said nick.

Although it was an upset for the Thunder, they discovered true passion and desire to never give up. Regardless of being down 33-12 in the first half the Thunder never quit and battled back to win the second half.

Don’t single them out yet! There is some heart and soul in this team! Get out here and support them!