The Ship Has Not Set Sail


Cool Water, nice ocean breeze, warm sunshine, and fresh air are just a few perks that come with being a sailor. This year, Sailing just vanished from ODA leaving nothing but a memory. Where did it go?

 Sailing has been a part of ODA for four years and has been pretty successful. But this year’s lack of participants meant that ODA wasn’t able to put a team together.  To re-ignite the team,  people must be willing to try a new sport.

Senior Jeremy Herrin, who has been sailing at ODA for three years, was upset to hear the news.

“There was just not enough interest in the sport. It’s like sailing was completely forgotten,” said Jeremy. Despite the upset, Jeremy still sails for a competitive team keeping the memory alive.

The ODA sailing coach for the last four years, Paul Lebras said, “It wasn’t just the lack of people as much as it was the lack of interest in the sport.” Coach Lebras and Jeremy Herrin were clearly on the same page as to why there was no sailing team.

There is still hope for a Sailing team next year but only time will tell. ODA encourages all people who have free time to go out and trying a new sport. Maybe Sailing? The school is looking for anyone interested in sailing to hopefully boost that portion of our athletic program.

Who knows, it may even inspire some people to continue to sail outside of school. There is nothing better than being on the water in our great Floridian weather!