Swimming Towards the Future


The ODA swim team has been exceeding expectations this year. With a young and energetic team they have what it take to qualify for States.

Nick Romano, a junior on the swimming said, “Most of the team is young so it’s hard sometimes facing older schools, but we hold our own against them.”

Nick has been swimming for three years now and loves it. “It’s a difficult sport, but it’s rewarding. It’s always fun to win.”

Other members of the swim team have said they enjoyed the sport and like the way they have bonded this year. “We’re like a unit and we win when we all work together,” said one swimmer on the team.

Joie Eckhart, a junior on the swim team said, “our team is expanding and working hard towards the future.”

Mr. Naylor, one of the coaches for the swim team,  said, “It’s been a difficult year due to weather. When you’re out of the pool for a while, it’s hard to get the work in. With that exception, we have been doing very well setting school and team records. I’m very proud of what they have done.”

As the team prepares for the end of the regular season, each swimmer has personal goals in mind. Few would deny that making it to States is a dream for the team.

Stay strong swimmers! You have the school behind you.