Homecoming Game: A Story in Tweets

Homecoming Game: A Story in Tweets

Ask reporters from the Bolt how they told the story of Homecoming night 2013, and you might hear them tell you a little bird told the story. For Homecoming game this year, the Bolt is trying something new. With one of the paper’s goals set on increasing our presence on social media, we decided to challenge ourselves to write about the Homecoming game collaboratively… in Tweets. The story that follows was created by a group of writers on staff. Pairs of reporters were assigned a quarter of the game. For each quarter, reporters were asked to post a certain number of Tweets about the game, the crowd, or the Homecoming event itself.

Reporters were asked to send images from the game to our senior editor, Cassandra Ratzlaff, who would build a gallery of images to accompany the story. We hope you like our experiment, a story in Tweets:

HOMECOMING! Thunder will kick off ball in the first half!!

The Thunder is showing strong defense! and will force the Seahawks to punt!

In at Quarterback is #9 David Grain.

ODA stops Seahawks on first drive and forced them to punt.

Interception caught by #25 on the Seahawks and ran in for a touchdown

7-0 Seahawks

Penalty, running into kicker, Bryan Kirshe, will give the thunder and automatic first down

Pass completed to Trenton Radigan for 20 yards, giving the thunder a first down!

Pass intercepted by #7 on the Seahawks to change ball possession

Pass completed too, #7 will give the Seahawks another touchdown

Pass completed to Joey Runge, just short of a first down, and the thunder will be forced to punt


The Seahawks lead 14-0 with 1:57 left in the 1st quarter

And thats the end of the 1st!

Chris Poole takes down runner 10 yards before end zone

Seahawks #85 gets a touchdown making the score 21-0

#6 Jason Fineberg taken down on the field is walked off the field by coaches

Seahawks #85 makes another touchdown making the score 28-0 with 7:35 left in the 2nd quarter

#9 David Grain takes down a Seahawk at the 29

Incomplete pass in the end zone to #85 defended by #9 David Grain

Seahawks #21 gets a touchdown making the score 34-0 with 2:26 left in the first half

And that’s the half with a score of 35- 0 Seahawks

Thunder warms up for the second half

Beginning of 3rd quarter oda comes out fired up

Grain fumbles on a 10 yard run and Seahawks recover. First down Seahawks on the Thunder 40 yard line

Running back number 22 for the Seahawks ran for a 12 yard touchdown. Score: 42-0 Seahawks

6:12 remaining in 3rd quarter

Seahawks player number 25 runs for 30 yards!

Number 25 runs for a 5 yard touchdown. Score:49-0 Seahawks

Final Score: 49 Seahawks, Out of Door 0

Way to fight hard Thunder.  Happy Homecoming!

Homecoming Dance. Saturday night.