ODA Thunder Falls to Bishop Verot Vikings

ODA Thunder Falls to Bishop Verot Vikings

The Out-of-Door Academy boy’s varsity football team fell to Bishop Verot under the Friday night-lights at ODA’s Thunder Stadium.

In the first quarter, Bishop Verot racked up two touchdowns for the Vikings. The first touchdown was ran back on a punt return, and then junior Jimmy Dwyer #30 ran in a 20 yard touch down to put the Vikings up 14-0.

The Thunder’s offense wasn’t so hot last Friday night. Quarterback, David Grain #9, struggled to find open receivers, due to the Vikings Strong defense.  Vikings Linebacker Pierce LaPrey, #57 was able to keep the pressure on the Thunder’s offensive line, causing the first interception of the game against the Thunder.

Sophomore, Trenton Radian, #23 said, “We need to give David more time in the pocket, when he has time, he is able to maneuver his way down the field. In order to get back in this ball game we need to make something happen on offense.”

Within the first four minutes of the 2nd quarter the Vikings were able to add another two touchdowns to the scoreboard.  Vikings Quarterback Quinn Farrell, #15 connected a pass to senior CJ Spiro, #84 for a gain of 20 yards putting the Vikings in scoring position.  On the Next play RB/LB Tommy Dean #44 ran the ball in for a seven-yard touchdown. At this point the Vikings lead 21-0.

On the next drive the Thunder’s offense went four and out, and were forced to punt.  Two plays into the Vikings Drive Jimmy Dwyer #30 moved the ball down field, eventually getting a 10-yard rushing touchdown to put the Vikings up 28-0.

Just before the end of the first half, Vikings QB, Farrell, #15 connected a pass to #84 CJ Spiro for a 20 yard touchdown.  The Vikings lead the Thunder 35-0 at the end of the first half.

As the Thunder pushes on into the second quarter, the Vikings score their next two touchdowns within the first six minutes of play. Running back Jimmy Dwyer #30, scored both touchdowns rushing, making the score 49-0.

The Thunder would be forced to punt on their next drive, but after a strong defensive performance, defensive-lineman Chris Poole #32 made a fumble recovery putting the Thunder in good offensive position.

The Thunder hopes to change the momentum as they push through the end of the third quarter.

Freshman Jason Fineberg #6 led the Thunder in the third quarter with five tackles.

Senior Kevin Grathwohl told us “We just need to work harder because most of our team is underclassmen and inexperienced at the varsity level.” Grathwohl has been benched after his recent torn ACL.

On the Vikings last drive QB Alex McDougall #11, ran the ball in on a QB sneak for the final touchdown of the game.

At the end of the fourth quarter, the Vikings defeated the Thunder 56-0.