New Life Sprouts in a Wet Golf Season

ODA varsity Golf Team has some new additions to the team. In the past three years ODA has had new players join the team. The interesting part about it, none are from the USA.  Thomas Vlcek, Richard Vicek, and Gary Deng are all new players to the golf team.

Nick Grano, Evan Murphy, Josh Silverman, Cameron Weber, Max Coutsolioutsos and Francisco Marcano Santos are returning players. ODA’s record this year is 2-2. Amazingly, five games have been cancelled because of rain.

Nick Grano, a junior, said, “The team is great we’re a lot better than last year and have more experience which helps during big matches. I like the fact I get to talk to people from different countries and see their views on the game. It’s always fun to listen Czech brothers argue and I’ve already learned some Czech myself.”

Gary Deng also a junior and a new student at ODA says he loves the team and that they have a lot of fun together.

Shelly Stone, coach of the golf team said, “I loved the team. They have great chemistry together. I love the new additions to the team. [They have] added lots of life.”

The team has had a difficult time getting games and practice in but have a bright, young future ahead.

With the help of coaches and more practice, the ODA golf team is on their way to a great season…if the course ever dries out.