Getch’a Pom-Poms up!


Photo-credit: Libby Grimond

As we move closer to October the word “Homecoming” is the hot topic around school.

Every year the cheerleading team performs their annual half time show, after the second quarter of the homecoming football game.

For most cheerleaders this is a very stressful time because there is so much hard work and preparation being put into this one routine.  There is no room for error, so every stunt must be perfect before they perform.

Senior, Zoe Genkin, says, “We are a very young team, but we have been improving more and more each week.  We are all very excited to preform in front of the ODA community and hope everyone enjoys it.”

The cheer team is only seventeen days away from performing, so they are practicing everyday.

This event is one of the biggest events the cheer team is involved in all season.  Though the team is low on cheerleaders, they still have a proud eleven athletes cheering at every football game.

Head coach Allison Divine leads the Thunder cheerleading team as well as captain’s Emma Holland and Alex Bradbury.

So far this season, the team has improved on many aspects of cheerleading and hopes to keep learning.

“We have been working on our tumbling, which is a vital cheer skill to have when performing a routine.” Bradbury said, “We go to Kids Super Gym a lot, to practice or tumbling on trampolines and spring mats.”

The cheer team will preform at the football game on October 11th vs. Community School of Naples.

Go on out to see the cheer team perform, and oh yeah, watch some football too!

Go Thunder!