Cougars Feel the Vibrations of the Thunder

Cougars Feel the Vibrations of the Thunder

The Cardinal Mooney Cougars may have won the volleyball game on Tuesday, but they can never out class the ODA students.

This year, everyone was anticipating the big event hoping for ODA to continue on the win from last year. Students piled in, wearing navy blue, pumped and ready to cheer on the team.

The first game was intense. It started off close, but Mooney got ahead. You could tell the team was getting down on themselves, but they didn’t give up. The final score was 25-12 (loss).

The second game was when more students got into the game. The supporters pumped up their enthusiasm and there was a roar of spirit from the student body after each point. The final score was 25-19 (win).

The intensity continued throughout the third game with a tie. So far, each team had won one match. ODA continued to work diligently and managed to succeed once again. The final score was 25-22 (win).

The fourth game was extremely close. The ball kept bouncing back and forth across the net. The final score was 25-21 (loss).

By this time, each team had won two games. It was a tie. The tie-breaker game would go to 15 points, not 25. This game determined the fate of ODA’s volleyball team and the rivalry for the next year.

Mooney started off with the serve. They scored the first few points, until they missed, and ODA got the serve. Then, ODA scored a few more points. The game went back and forth and the students cheered louder than ever. However, it was not enough to pull through. The final score was 15-10 (loss).

The loss to Cardinal Mooney will never stop the ODA varsity volleyball team. They will continue to practice and work harder in order to battle them again next year.

Even though ODA isn’t as big as Mooney, there’s no denying that ODA fans have big heart.