Joseph Plechy: Swimming to the Top


Max Provost, Staff Writer, Sports Section

Every athlete has a dream. Joseph Plechy’s (’14) is to end up as a swimmer for the Olympics. Last year was Joe’s first year swimming competitively. He originally joined because his father told him it would be a great way to get fit. Since he began,  Joe is incredibly one second away from qualifying to swim with the YMCA Nationals in North Carolina for ages 17-18. This is an important first step towards his ultimate goal: swimming at the Olympics. Joe is characteristically humble when talking about his dreams. “Doesn’t every athlete want to be the best at his sport,” he asks.

Training in the pool six days a week and in the weight room three a week, Joe is a swimmer for one of the YMCA teams, the Wave Runners. He also swims for the school but his training extends further than his team’s season. Having a tall and thin physique with long arms and legs, Joe is a perfectly sculpted swimmer.

Joe’s favorite and best race is the 50 freestyle. In order to shave that one second off his time he says he will need to work on his technique and endurance. Joe says he needs to “taper” his trainings before his big races. This means that everyday he decreases the amount he swims to be well-rested before the race.

Joe’s inspiration to get to the Olympics is his swim coach, Bridget Bowman. As a swimmer herself, Bowman qualified for the Olympic team. But what makes her such a great coach, says Joe, is that she explains things very well. He says they have a good chemistry. Because of her experience, Joe says he really trusts her as a coach. Overall, says Joe, she’s a good person and enjoyable to work with.

Stay tuned to the TV you might just see Joe in the next Olympics!