Race to Sign Up for Track Today

Kelli Bagwell, Staff Writer

Monday, the 14th of January, all prospective and veteran track stars should report to the track field to sign up for this spring’s track season. Whether you are interested in throwing the discus or running the 100m dash, coach Sheffield encourages all to drop by and leave their name and what event they’re interested in. Speaking of events, track and field holds a record amount of possibilities for an apprehensive novice.

Here is a list of the most common track and field events to help make the decision a little easier:

  1. 800m dash
  2. 400m dash
  3. 200m dash
  4. 100m dash
  5. 400 relay (4 x 4)
  6. Hurdles (see previous distances)
  7. Long Jump
  8. High Jump
  9. Triple Jump
  10. Pole Vaulting
  11. Discus Throw
  12. Shot Put
  13. Javelin Throw

Regardless of game or experience, all are welcome. If you are currently participating in a winter sport, Coach Sheffield has contacted all head sport coaches and your absence (as long as you’re signing up for track) will be excused. So, come on out Monday and “take your mark.” You could just be the next Usain Bolt.