The Volleyball Rivalry You Haven’t Heard of

The Volleyball Rivalry You Havent Heard of

Evan Smiles in Gratitude

Wyatt Page, Writer

Do you consider yourself a loyal Thunder fan?  Evan Wilson sure does, and rightly so.  He has attended every home volleyball game to date.  Our starting quarterback felt it was “his responsibility” to fill the void when he saw nobody else was there to cheer the girls on.

Evan made himself a known fan. When he wasn’t yelling “scared money don’t make no money” in the stands, he would yell other words of encouragement such as “go tribal!” in support of senior Samantha Albano’s trademark tribal-like dance before serves.

“[Evan] put it in our faces” that he was so boisterous, says Sam.  It evolved into a rivalry, but a good one nonetheless.  So the senior members of the team presented a t-shirt and card to their number one fan.

Our starting quarter back was “honored” to be dubbed as their best fan and plans to continue his demonstrated school spirit in the district bout against Cardinal Mooney on Tuesday October 23rd.

Something to note, Evan’s unremitting attendance has sparked school interest in going to volleyball games. The games are now the second most attended athletic events in school.