ODA Appears on Grand Stage

ODA Appears on Grand Stage

Wyatt Page, Writer

This past summer, five of ODA’s cheerleaders were recognized for their excellence and awarded the All American Honors, the super bowl rings of cheerleading.  Sierra Dickerson, Alexsa Dietrich, Emma Holland, Madison Shaw, and Ashtin Frank, the only five to try out from our squad. “were chosen out of hundreds,” says Frank.

The judges evaluated skills in a dance, a cheer, and multiple jumps to determine which applicants were worthy of the honor.  This prestigious award grants its winners an opportunity to do what they love, cheer, in London for the New Year’s Day Parade.

This is an experience all cheerleaders dream about, but only a select few get the chance to realize that dream.  Ashtin and Emma, as the team captain and co-captain, are also eligible to cheer for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day in New York, “also a very sought after event to participate in.”  The only potential obstacle to going could be the expense. Though the girls’ talent was recognized, if they want to go, they will have to raise the money themselves.

In addition to being asked to cheer, Ashtin was also “asked to apply to be part of the event staff” for next year’s competition.  One day, they may ask her to judge, but until then she, Alexsa, Emily, Madison, and Sierra will be basking in their glory as All American Honor designees. Hopefully they will be able to make the trip!