Small School Showcases Big Talent


Hunter Bogumil, Staff Writer

Paintings, pictures, music, and so much more! Saturday, April 29th was ODA’s middle and upper school Arts Day. 

Arts Day is the day that ODA student artists and musicians showcase their work. All semester long, students consider their best pieces for the show. They are then polished and mounted or presented in a day of celebration. 

“It is beautiful seeing the art that our students make in the hallways and also hearing the music. Hearing and seeing what our students can produce is really amazing,” says Junior, Ethan Bertrand.

The art exhibition engages viewers with the art work and offers the opportunity for dialogue. Visitors reflect upon what resonates with them about the art work, what they like in the art work, what they dislike in the art work,” says Upper School arts teacher Nick Wozniak.

“It is amazing to see all the talented artists that surround us every day,” says Sophomore, Max Hall.