Being Judged on Purpose


Simone Timol, Sabine Timol, Mackenzie Grace, Kinsey Newhams, Olivia Knego, Rashona Banks, Haley Carney

Grace Dunn, Staff Writer

Imagine being on stage surrounded by blindingly bright lights. You look out into a huge crowd with all eyes on you. This is the moment that you have been waiting for.

This is the same moment that students experience right here on campus.

Without a doubt, the Arts Department, specifically the theater, is unlike any other environment on campus.

The spring musical, ODA’s biggest theatrical event of the year, will be performed in four shows from March 29th-April 2nd. The production will be held in the Black Box on campus.  

The show this year is based on the Broadway musical, Smile. The story revolves around a beauty pageant set in 1985. The characters in the story compete at State Finals hoping to move on to Nationals. The story portrays the competition and the culture of pageants.

Getting a role in this important show is the first step in becoming a part of the drama. The audition process is a stressful time for many thespians. On the other hand though, many students are completely confident with auditioning.

“I was pretty nervous. It is always nerve wracking to put yourself out there. Being judged on purpose is a little freaky. The audition was ten minutes in front of Ms. Evans and Ms. Hoff, but being in the musical is worth overcoming the nerves,” says freshman Josh Cohen.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fantastic singer or amazing dancer. That is the beauty of the musical. Anyone can participate even if they don’t have a wide range of talent and skill. According to Choral Director, Denise Hoff, the beauty of an ODA show is that “everyone can learn from one another.”

Learning your parts and getting into character once you get a role can also be stressful. As the performers get closer to showtime, their rehearsal dates and times increase. The students and teachers who participate in the musical have rehearsal everyday after school leading up to the show. The students rehearsal times depend on their role in the musical.

“We have rehearsal almost everyday from 3:20-5:15. We also rehearse on weekends which isn’t the most fun, but it’s much needed,” says sophomore Sofia Delgado.

All the teachers that are involved in the musical hope to see the theater program progress. For one ODA faculty member, this show could be especially important. Smile will be Ms. Evans’ last show.  Out-of-Door is hiring a full time theater director. This new addition to ODA will also teach acting and dance classes.

“I want to make sure that the program continues to thrive and grow. I think that because of all the talent, the students are very deserving of someone who can give them the next level of energy.” says Ms. Evans.

The future for the theater program at ODA is bright. Head to the Black Box if you want to see your peers shining on stage.