“Movie Night” Moves Many Musically

Maria Ross, Staff Writer

For some, making time to get back on campus on a Tuesday night for an orchestra performance might not seem worthwhile. Let me assure you, however, it’s worth it!

On Tuesday February 16, the String Orchestra along with the Upper School Band and Advanced Choir performed a concert based on songs from popular movies.

“I thought it was special because it was movie themed and they had movies playing in the background,” says junior Izzy Eichenbaum.

It was a great opportunity for students to see their fellow classmates perform their own renditions of movie themes that we all know and can relate to.

The orchestra was conduced by ODA music teacher Ms. Allyson King and Choir choir conducted by Ms. Denise Hoff. This year the chorus students stepped out of their comfort zones and performed three French songs from Les Choristes (the Chorus).

Ms. Hoff wrote the incredible adaptations enduring hours of stress to make sure each piece was perfect and ready for the performance. The group practiced four times a week, non-stop, learning four part harmonies (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone/bass). On some mornings, the group rehearsed as early as 7:30 a.m.

“Since all the songs were sung in French, the learning process was a difficult task, but once the pieces were performance ready, we were all proud of the hard work and dedication put into them. The concert was a wonderful time for students and the audience to be reminded of their favorite movie pieces,” says junior Amber Bond, a soloist in the Chorus.

“I usually never go to concerts but I decided to attend this one because of all the hype it was receiving. I thought that it was a really great performance and what drew me in was the fact that I knew the songs. I also enjoyed being able to view clips of the movie on screen,” says junior Chloe Ruppert.

Now that the Movie Night performance is over, the theater looks forward to their next opportunity to perform together. This spring, the ODA Upper School will present Cats. Watch and listen as students migrate from movies to felines. Show opens in April.