Mr. Madres’ takes a not so ‘normal’ approach to teaching


What does art have to do with rebellion? The ODA Bolt recently interviewed Joe Madres who is one of our upper school art teachers, and the journalists have taken the opportunity to make stories out of his interview.

He highlights the importance of art in a student and how individuality provides an opportunity to grow as an artist. The journalists in the high school have made his interview into separate stories.

Mr. Madres believes that art class is not just a class for those who are artistically inclined, but rather all students can participate in an art class and that art is not a secluded subject in school.

Mr. Madres has a more holistic approach to teaching and enjoys sharing that in his classes. He supplies his students with the tools to create their art work, but what they ultimately choose to create is up to them. He urges his young artists to think outside the box and make a piece of art with the techniques he has given his students.

He is not focused necessarily on the outcome of a project or how a student completes a task, but rather he is focused on the student themselves and what will be most beneficial for them.

As a child he was rebellious and wanted to pursue projects in original ways. These early years allowed him to use his past as a foundation for innovative teaching.

He realizes that all of his students are individual artists with different ideas and potentials and “want to do their own thing… which surprises him in a good way” says Madres.

He notes that students in his Ceramics class face the fears of failure when working with the wheel and clay, but this fear can help them grow as both individuals and artists.

“Failure is not an option,” says Madres.

Students who have had Mr. Madres as an art teacher will say that they have learned so much from him as both a teacher and an individual. He allows students to exhibit their own artistic capabilities.

“My favorite part about Mr. Madres’ class was that there was no limit to how creative you can be. He shows you different techniques that you would never have thought of, which was very helpful while creating art prices. My favorite part about him being my teacher was he was so upbeat, supportive, and was very eager to help me find my artsy side,” offers Senior Mariah Korzenok.