Innovative Apps Could Help You Save Time On The Road


After this week’s dramatic accident occurring on I-75 south and University Parkway, all roads seem to be up and running again.

The bridge that suffered three major holes in the south side of I-75 has been patched and now repaired for the use of the Public.

A cylinder cement block fell off the back of a semi-truck. The truck tried to maneuver its way from a vehicle that suddenly slowed down. The company responsible for the truck and cylinder block is paying in full for the damage repairs.

Anytime an incident causes the highway to close, there is a major traffic issue. Cars were detoured off of I-75, staying away from the over pass on University Parkway. Traffic was backed up for hours, causing many people to be late to certain destinations.

Students here at school had some words to share. Junior, Jordan Towsley said, “It took me about three hours to get home, (Jordan usually commutes around 25 minutes to and from school) it was so frustrating, every road felt like a parking lot!”

Another student, Fransisco Marcano 15′ said, “It took me four hours to finally get home, after I picked up my brother from elementary school.”

The traffic finally loosened up the day after the accident.

For the future, traffic like this could be avoided by the use of apple’s technology.  On the App store there are a variety of app’s that allow you to see roads that are congested, or delayed at any time.

One app, called “Waze” allows you to see current traffic flow on roads in which you travel by car. It has special features such as a specific mph most of the traffic is going, and will also give you alternate routes, that are safe and quicker.

There is an app such as, “Beat The Traffic” which is similar to “Waze”, but actually provides a visual photo of a highway and roads.  These photos come directly from traffic Cams, or cameras belonging to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP).

This is a very unique way to see the traffic ahead of time, in order to make certain maneuvers needed to avoid heavy traffic.

***The following paragraph is VERY important***

Obviously the driver should NOT look at the app while driving. So,  it is strongly encouraged that these unique traffic apps are only being used by a passenger in the vehicle, to direct you to a certain route. Keep your eyes on the road!