Would you “Exhibit This!”?


This Thursday, Friday and Saturday are all opportunities for your minds to be blown by the creativity, intelligence, and skill of your fellow gifted students. ODA actors will be presenting the play Exhibit This! The show will take place from 7-9 P.M in the Out-of-Door Black Box theater.

Exhibit This! is a fast-paced series of comedic plays and monologues based on 50+ exhibits at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Paintings, sculptures, antiquities, & fertility gods emerge from their molds & frames in the museum. Mix in some artists, guards, critics, lovers, curators and one very special night and you have this new comedic hit. In fact, even the artwork speaks to the audience!

The themes in this play come anywhere from Adolescence, Aging, Betrayal, Business, Christianity, Death, Fairy Tales and Feminism to Friendship, Love, Marriage, Politics and Religion. Most set pieces are kept at a minimum so the audience can use their imagination to bring the rest.

Ms. Evans, director of the play, explained it, as “fast moving” and that you must be “attentive” to keep up.

“The play will be very interesting so I encourage you all to come out for some high quality entertainment” said Ms. Evans.

Matt Leonard, who plays the paintings of the “Man on the Boat” and “King Louie,” described the play as “amusing” and “fun.” This is Matt’s first year being in a play and  he really enjoyed the action and fast pace.

“I love just letting it all lose when I’m on that stage. I feel more alive and I enjoy people coming to watch all our hard work,” says Matt.

This play is not recommended for young children, as there are some mature scenes. It is a strictly Pg-13 play and mostly intended for high schoolers. It is still a great play with much work put into it.

If you have free time, which most of you do, come out and watch your student’s brilliant creation. No excuses!