Ovation’s Impromptu Treat: 10/23/13

Ovations Impromptu Treat: 10/23/13

Last Wednesday students got a special treat at Ovation: a chance to watch Impromptu in the Black Box. Impromptu was directed by senior Nikki LaSalla and starred only four actors: Cammy Harris, Daniel Pivonka, Janum Trivedi, and Kelli Bagwell.

Students had a variety of reactions to the show:

“There was a lot of screaming in the play. When Janum threw the chair, it startled me,” says Lisa Hoffman ’15.

“I had no idea what it was about. I’m still confused,” confessed Jordan Bruder ’16.

“I saw the play on opening night, however I felt today’s performance was better,” says Ms.Frye.

“The play had an interesting story line and explained the importance of how actors/actresses should incorporate their true selves into the play! ” explains Lauren Redington.

Nick Romano even felt so inspired by Janum’s chair throwing, he jokingly spent time re-dramatizing the moment.

All would agree that the actors’ and director’s hard work and passion showed through in the production.

Thank you Nikki and all the actors who worked so hard to make the play happen.