The Strings have Spoken

The Strings have Spoken

This winter, an ODA student, senior Caroline Whitten, will be part of an elite group of musicians who will play under the direction of one of the world’s greatest musicians and conductors, Itzhak Perlman.

The Perlman Music program was founded by Toby Perlman about 19 years ago. The music program offers an unparalleled music training for young students with rare and special talent. Its home is in New York, Florida, Israel and Vermont. They work towards better preparing the young string players to help them become the next classical music performers.

“This ensemble will feature some of the best young violinists in the area performing a select musical composition with the PMP String Orchestra under the direction of …Perlman,” Mrs. Young, head of the strings class at ODA, reports.

“I am pretty excited about it. It is an amazing opportunity. For this specific program, I have been working on the audition for the past two months, and I had to re-audition three times for it. So it’s encouraging to get this opportunity,” reflects Caroline.

Mrs. Young said she was overwhelmed with joy for Caroline. “She really deserves it, she works so hard for it. It took her about four months to prepare for this, and she was one of the seven out of thirty-five to get a callback.

With the help of the great music teachers, Caroline was able to become a member of an elite group of talented strings players.

Good luck, Caroline. We’re so proud of your achievement!