Helping Hands Photography


Sierra VanSuch a sophomore at ODA, started a club called Helping Hands Photography. The club will photograph non-profit organizations that cannot afford or could use the money in a way that benefits their organization better. “We give them the pictures to use for whatever they want.”

Sierra has been in photo classes since her freshman year at ODA. She was contacted over the summer by an organization that does similar actions. The communication was to complicated, so she broke off and started her own club. The organization inspired her to do community service through photography.

Sierra is looking forward to going to a lot of events. “Relay for Life will be a fun one!” She also plans to take pictures for the Cardboard Challenge for Invisible Children. Sierra says the most fun events will be the ones with small children or animals.  She explains that she cannot wait to see the club grow! ” I’m hoping that when we start, we can reach out to as many organizations as possible, and I hope that eventually the organizations will contact us to use as their first choice photographers. ”

If you would like to join you can contact Sierra via Facebook or email. There is also an email sign up sheet in Ms. Garasic’s to inform club members when the events are.