Hairspray Musical: 60s Celebration

Hairspray Musical: 60s Celebration

Cassandra Ratzlaff, Editor

Good Morning Baltimore! Or should I say Sarasota?

The famed film, Hairspray, is coming to ODA and is being performed by our very own Upper School students at the Lakewood Ranch Campus. Tickets are $10.00 and are free to all ODA students and faculty. The musical will be shown in the Black Box Theater at 7:00 PM Wednesday March 20 through Saturday March 23.

Hairspray takes place in 1962 Baltimore, Maryland during a time of segregation. Tracy Turnblad, played by Gabby Maraia 13′, is a young and ambitious singer and dancer who strives to make a difference in society. After landing a spot in a hit TV dance show, she rises up a teaches about the need for integration and equality.

Her mother, portrayed by Colby Elliot 14′, is right by her side. Edna Turnblad, previously played by John Trivolta in the 2007 film, is intended to be played by a man for comic and amusing purposes; Colby must wear high heals, a wig, and a dress to match the park- you don’t want to miss this!

Tracy’s father, played by Nick Lewis 13′, and friends also accompany Tracy through her ethic endeavors: Penny, Tracy’s loyal best friend, played by Julia Bellanger 14′; Seaweed, a “hip” African American dancer, played by David Grain 14′; Motormouth Mabel, played by Simone Ford-Hars 14′; and Link, the school’s heartthrob, played by Andrew Romano 14′.

But as in almost every drama, there are sinister forces that try to prevent any good from occurring. Amber, the self-absorbed “star” of the Corny Collins Show, played by Mandy Durfee 14′, thinks that Tracy is getting in the way of her fame.

Amber’s mother, Velma, played by Samantha Albano 13′, wants her daughter to be the lead in the show, and wants to eliminate all others who are not white and thin from the show, but Tracy is determined to justify what’s right.

Join the Upper School chorus, band, and actors this week and sing along to the famed songs of Hairspray. It will be quite a production!