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The Bolt

2016-2017 Staff

Christian Ramos

Staff Writer

Christian Ramos is a sophomore who loves to write and was eager to join the paper. He is fascinated by linguistics and is interested by many facets of...

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Valentina Alvarez

Staff Writer

Valentina Alvarez, member of the class of 2018, has been attending ODA since 7th grade. Although she is not on the ODA soccer team any longer, she has...

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Alex DiMare

Staff Writer

Junior, Alex DiMare has been at ODA since 5th grade. He loves playing baseball and has been a part of the ODA program for five years. He enjoys spending...

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Nick Saranczak

Staff Writer

Junior Nick Saranczak is working on completing his second year at ODA. His love and passion lies with baseball where he plays as a pitcher and a 1st baseman....

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Grace Dunn

Staff Writer

Grace Dunn is a new freshman at ODA. She grew up in Michigan until she moved to Bradenton at the age of six. The cold became too much for her parents,...

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Sereena Feeney

Staff Writer

Sereena Feeney is currently a  junior. She is strong in both academics and athletics. Sereena grew up in Nanuet, New York and moved to Florida to liv...

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Hunter Bogumil

Staff Writer

Junior, Hunter Bogumil has been at ODA since his freshman year. He has a true passion for pitching and hitting but especially likes chewing apple bubblegum ...

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Tyler Barlow

Staff Writer

Tyler Barlow is a tiny bundle of sarcasm, wit, fire, and crazy - which she recently learned was genetic. This summer after 15 years of no communication,...

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Nicholas DiMare

Staff Writer

Nicholas DiMare, a senior, started going to ODA in sixth grade. He has a passion for fishing and last year started the ODA Fishing Report. He wants to...

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