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Student Life

Let’s Denigrate Political Correctness!

From wishing to ban Huckleberry Finn for the usage of the dreadful "n-word", to belittling people when they utter simple adjectives such as black or white, the "political correctors" (PC for short) have become, as some could argue, a thorn in the side of normal and enjoyable conversation. Political correctness is the avoidance of forms of expression that would offend...  Read More »

New Schedule Blocks Complaints About Time

New Schedule Blocks Complaints About Time

Emily Dixon, Staff Writer

It’s Day One of the new schedule. You actually only have class for 75 minutes, from 10:25-11:40. The rest of your day is open periods and a blended class. You go to class,...  Read More »

ODA Prom- A Night To Remember

ODA Prom- A Night To Remember

Chloe Ruppert, Staff Writer

Last weekend was very eventful for the members of the Junior and Senior class! This is because the students had their spring prom-- one of the most anticipated school...  Read More »


Daily Eats Feeds Your Belly

Daily Eats Feeds Your Belly

Maria Ross, Staff Writer

Tired of the same boring eggs and pancakes? It's time for you to try Daily Eats, a new trendy restaurant devoted to bringing customers a modern experience that will entice...  Read More »

The Bolt TV Episode 1

Matt Jones and Misha Fazlutdinov

Hear about all of the new weekly happenings at ODA with Matt Jones and Misha Fazlutdinov.

The Difference Between Independent Counseling and Our College Counseling Team

Hailey Schlotthauer, Staff Writer

ODA college counseling has a rule maybe you may or may not be familiar with, you aren’t allowed to have an independent college counselor along with the ODA college counseling team. Well, why not? Couldn't an ODA student benefit from an independent counselor? The answer simply is no. The numbers add up, three is better than one. It’s all about connections. If y...  Read More »

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“Movie Night” Moves Many Musically

Maria Ross, Staff Writer

For some, making time to get back on campus on a Tuesday night for an orchestra performance might not seem worthwhile. Let me assure you, however, it's worth it! On Tuesday February 16, the String Orchestra along with the Upper School Band and Advanced Choir performed a concert based on songs from popular movies. “I thought it was special because it was movie themed...  Read More »

Quiet Space Belies Thundering Creativity

Quiet Space Belies Thundering Creativity

Rachael Kramer, Staff Writer and Layout Editor

It feels as if it were only yesterday the Arts Building was the major hotspot where students spent their free periods. This busy environment even held various English classes,...  Read More »

What’s the Conflama?

Rashona Banks, Staff Writer

Bullying has been the focal point of school conflict for many for years, but one ODA leader is doing more than talking. Ms. L'Tanya Evans, Academic Dean and Head of the ODA Arts Department, has selected a collection of short plays to be the principal focus of this year's fall cabaret dessert theater. In cabaret style seating audience members will experience a type of rest...  Read More »

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